Governance & Risk Management Solution & More..


A collection of my work at SAP as a UX Design Intern.

1. Risk and Compliance Strategy Selector application
2. IT Direct Application

Skills Used: Requirement Analysis, Research, Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping, Usability testing

Duration: May - August 2014

Project (1) - GRC Strategy Selector

GRC Strategy Selector is an smart iPAD application that is used by a SAP Sales executives to interact with top level client management about their Governance, Risk and Compliance Strategies.


Prototype (1)

Two main components needed to be addressed in our device design: the method of input with the spacesuit, and the organization and representation of characters on a small screen was a concern.

Project (2) - IT Direct Application

Improvisation of the workflow process for reporting IT related problems to optimize the efficiency for SAP employees.