Create, Publish, Secure and Manage your APIs


Team : 1 Eng Lead, 4 UI Developers, 2-4 PMs, 1-3 UX designers, 1 Visual Designer, 1 UX Researcher

Personal Role: End-to-end UX ownership for the entire API Manager Cloud Service - from project kickoff to release and post-release

Skills Used: Information Architecture, Wireframing, User Flows, UX Design, IxD, UI Polishing, Icon Concepts, Planning Usability Tests, engaging with customers for feedback

Customer Industries: Banking, Automobile, Furniture, Transportation, Healthcare Organizations

Project Duration: August 2015 - Present


Oracle API Platform is a Cloud Service that provides complete API Lifecycle Management solution - from API security to traffic management, API Analytics and API monetization. Our customers range from mid size to large organisations looking to either manage their APIs for internal usage or publish their APIs securely for their external customers. We also offer a custom API Portal to our customers, which they can make public and expose to their customers to access the managed API endpoints.

Design Process

We started out the project with the MVP of supporting API Security, Deployment, Analytics, along with a Customer Portal for publishing APIs. We started out as three designers driving the the initial information architecture and interaction patterns of the MVP product. We worked alongside two design partners/customers to generate a feedback loop for our initial designs. In a few months, I led the efforts for driving the UX across the whole product. Working in an agile environment, development started out post our early designs. During this time, I touched based with the central Usability Research team at Oracle to identify target participants and devise tasks that walk through some of our key use cases. We also tested out the feasibility of new interaction patterns that we came up with. This helped us set our initial design alongside development to roll out the product in the market.

Product launch date: May 2017.

We have steadily been growing since to support the entire API lifecycle Management from that point - from API creation, Documentation to API Monetization, Role Management and Services and Integration. To support the API design and documentation experience, we started out by partnering with Apiary. Soon Apiary was acquired and became a part of Oracle. Some of the flows I worked on, include the integration piece between API Manager and Apiary.


Some of the key user flows I worked on include:
API Analytics
API Plans and monetization
API Manager and Apiary Integration
API Manager & Integration Cloud Service Integration
Self Registration in API Portal
Cost Calculator for API Manager
Provision Experience for API Manager
API labels for Deployment flow
Real time notification creation and alerting

alternate text Whiteboarding a user journey in an intergration use case

Target Personas


API Platform Manager

API Portal

Interaction Patterns


Within just two years of product release, Oracle API Manager is one of the top API Management Solutions in the market, adopted by 140+ companies worldwide. Used by customers in Banking Industries to secure accounts & transactions data, to customers Manufacting, Healthcare and Transport indusctries for a variety of usecases.

Gartner Reviews:
"A compelling solution for the management of your API lifecycle offering" — Software Architect in the Transportation Industry
"It has enabled us to have real time monitoring of the usage and performance of the APIs and endpoints" — Project Manager in the Communications Industry

G2 Reviews:
"The various APIs are manged /controlled and providing critical insights is really good.

Other Projects

Some of the other projects I have been involved in during my time at Oracle include:
1. POD Administrator - dashboard for API Management POD Health Monitoring
2. Oracle Integration Cloud - Adapter Experience
3. Oracle Business Insight - designing for responsive use cases

POD Administrator

Oracle Integration Cloud - Adapter Experience

Oracle Business Insight - Responsive Experience